Rejuvenating the mind

Ever ran your mind through a washing machine? If you haven’t, it is time you did. It is dirty, quite dirty. Don’t miss the drier afterwards either 😉 This is our drier after the much needed laundry session.

As much as diet and exercise, mind plays a huge role in maintaining your health. An unhealthy person’s mind is breeding ground for unwanted thoughts. Realising this and revitalising oneself is quite important to a healthy way of life.

We had been pondering over a vacation for quite some time but it hadn’t quite materialised for some time. So when a long weekend ensued we crowded up our mind for a vacation to Munnar. Being just 101 kms away from our place, it was a perfect getaway for a single night and we jumped at the opportunity.


The week before was spent in coming up with good rooms within the budget and packing for the short trip. It might be a less than 48 hour trip as a whole but we are “packers”. She loves to organise and be prepared for all kinds of situations even on a short trip and by sunday we were all set for Munnar.

The journey took roughly 2.5 hours as we took breaks at several points and drove leisurely with all the time in the World. For once, I let that man cross the road 😉

Let me tell you, we loved the journey more than the place. Take it from me, this place is breathtakingly beautiful but the journey is even more fulfilling if you take the time to enjoy it. The tea estates and the waterfalls here are stunningly amazing with the raw beauty of nature lashing out at us. It was refreshing to spend time with nature, away from  electronic devices and communicating wholly to one another.


During our every day lives, we seldom realise that there is no time kept aside for each other. A holiday not only releases the built up pressures and toxins but also eases the grip that life has on you. For once, we embrace life rather than the other way around.

While a health freak more often than concentrates on food, diet plans and physical exercises, the mind is often forgotten. It requires as much conditioning as your body to stay refreshed and rejuvenated.


So, as we move along in this journey let’s vow to keep our minds as healthy as our diets. The laundry process will continue till the end of our journey.

So brace yourself up for some mind-washing 😉





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