A walk to remember…

Hello everyone and welcome back to Spice Up. It has been a while since we have connected. We ardently hope that you have tried out our salad recipes from the previous post or have come up with a few of your own. If you did try out some new salad recipes and feel happy to share it, comment it out below as this forum is as much a platform for giving tips as for taking them. Today, we would like to share a few things about something we all hate to do, more so if it is cold, foggy and raining – walking.

We have eased out our dietary patterns and fitness regime till date with simple yet regular to-do tasks, but walking is one undervalued fitness tip. No, we do not refer to your treadmills. The treadmill is by all means a welcome way to  walk, jog, run and stay fit but we focus more on the outdoorsy. This means blending in with nature early in the morning while getting your legs and body warmed up. A full-blood run is always good but it is better to always precede them with a kilometer of walking.



We have been blessed with a rather gorgeous walkway and love to go for morning walks, especially before the sun is out. Let me tell you, I hate it when it gets sunny and sweaty. I’d rather be drenched in my office clothes than be burned down by the sun.


It is rainy season here in Kerala (look at those blooming flowers) and we have vowed to get up early, walk and not sleep late in the mornings. The initial struggle to get off the bed is something which prevents us from having a good day. Once you are off the bed, the rest is quite easy. Not convinced? Try it for yourself. Here are a few benefits we derived from the early morning walk apart from the obvious.

  • The extra time in hand when you wake up an hour earlier is precious. We found that we were more organised and had time to think/talk through our tasks and food plans for the day.
  • You think socializing is only for late nights? Couldn’t be more wrong. We meet most of the neighborhood during our early morning stroll. If you can join in a couple of friends in your endeavor, the walk becomes even more pleasant. (Oh, we haven’t managed that yet. Apparently, the speed at which people walk is proportional to the timing of their kids’ school bus).
  • The early morning walk has also helped us communicate with each other without the message tones or pressure cooker disturbing the flow of words. For one, it has kept differences to a minimum 😉

Now these are just a handful of benefits off the top of my head. Try it for yourself and if you feel it benefits you in certain ways, feel free to let people know in the comments section. Trust me when I say that we were lazy to drag ourselves out of bed early in the morning but now the morning stroll is something we look forward to. Oh, and the rain hasn’t stopped us from continuing our routine, quite a surprise even for us. Your weekend routine can be different though as four to five days a week of walking is good enough to start with. And before I forget, if you prefer jogging or running over walking, do not stop yourself! So grab you running shoes and hit the streets.

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