Take Off to Health!!!

1.1 food

Before I start off, let me welcome you all to Spice Up with a warm hello!

The first step towards a healthier life starts for all of us here. Now, I was thinking about a starting point for our movement and realized that while we could set a firm date, the preparations for it must start pretty soon. Let us finalize on June 1st as the starting point for our movement. That said there is so much build up to it that all of us are going to be rather occupied.


Ok, let me make it simpler to you. We start off with the real deal on June 1. But to wait until tomorrow to accomplish something is laziness, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid here. So, we start off with baby steps until then before going full fledged by June.

The primary goal is to NOT sit at home making those gym payments and never setting foot on that planet. So, if you are one of “those”, cancel those gym payments right away and join our movement for a healthier daily life. If you aren’t one of “those”, you could get some awesome gym tips from my friend over here – http://commitfitnesswithajith7.blogspot.in/

Now that we have categorized you and you have cancelled or refreshed your gym memories, let us get to the crux of the matter. We have a common goal. But before we reach there, it is good to set aside some ground rules. Let us take a peek into what all we need to cover to reach our goal.


  • Diet

There is no fitness or health without discipline in food and eating habits. Hence, we need to take care of our diet. But don’t worry, I am not your gym tutor who urges you to cut down on your fat intake and have 4-5 egg whites a day. No, that is not what we intend to do here.

From analyzing our dietary patterns, Divya and I found that we tend to eat out quite too often a month. It might be that we go to the movies or go to a nearby beach and we get hungry. C’mon, it has happened to all of us. But we have a solution. A healthy snack in hand is quite useful whenever you go out as is a bottle of water.

Quite often, we tend to drink carbonated beverages or junk food when we go out. But what we mostly need is only some water. We aren’t all that hungry. It is mostly just thirst and inability to resist the smell of those mayonnaised-burgers.

So there you go, that’s one early bird goal we can focus on. As we go on, more tips, recipes and hacks will come your way.

1.2 walk

  • The half kilometer

We all take out our bikes or cars to go that shop half a kilometer away. Yes, I know it is quite sunny out there or heavily drizzling. But is there ever fair weather? NO. So, let us cut down on our fuels and get our legs moving for short distances.

Yes, this is a very  common tip, so common that it isn’t a tip anymore, it is a norm. But there is hardly any substitute to moving our muscles.

The bigger goals of walking, jogging and running will eventually come our way but let us only start on it once we have achieved the half-km goal. That’s two pre-goal goals for us to focus on.

1.3 food

  • Food & timings

It is quite important to understand that while midnight cravings are totally warranted, it shouldn’t be at the expense of additional weight by the end of the month. There are foods you can consume at any time of the day and some of them are really filling.

But then we are too early to focus on the details so instead we will turn our attention to timings. Quite often, we have late breakfasts, forced lunches and then 3-4 dinners that keep our tummy happy till morning. But it really is so much easier to our body if we eat on time. I am not going to blabber about specific timings. We really already know them but chose not to focus on them.

Going forward, just simplify your meals. Split it into more intervals than 3 if that’s what you are comfortable with, but be sure to have something* for your 3 main meals of the day.

*the definition of something will change as our movement gets underway.

1.4 food

  • Healthy recipes

We can really help you out here as we are foodies who love to try out various recipes at home.  As we go on, we will share specific recipes to you that decrease your kitchen time, fulfill your cravings yet keep you healthy and full.

The focus is to bring variety in food and food habits. So don’t be overtly surprised if we take a little detour from the normal delicacies. Of course, the recipes will come with abundant options and substitutes so that you can swap them as per your wishes. For instance, Divya hates raw tomatoes, so you might not see a lot of that in our recipes, but they would definitely be there in the substitutes column.

So, that’s about the crux of this movement. While our posts aren’t entirely limited to these alone, a lot of them would focus on one of these above parameters.

As we approach the launch of our movement on June 1, we will be sharing our journey during the preparation period. If you would like to do the same, please feel free to type it out in the comments section of this post. If you are too keen to publish your progress during the journey, drop a mail to us and we could arrange for a guest post.

I do not want to drag a warm hello to the point of it getting sweaty, so let us bid adieu for now. You will see a post from us close to the launch but until then, stay healthy, and eat healthy!!


2 thoughts on “Take Off to Health!!!

  1. Excellent thinking in the changing times Shows how non medics can upstage health workers in promoting health which is the new mantra
    Hats off to the couple for their effort
    Let us join the bandwagon


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