Welcome Aboard

Have you ever fantasized getting into shape and following a set pattern in your everyday life? If you have, you have come to the right place.

Many of us have dreamed of that too.

What we aim is to bring order and discipline into your disorganized life. Yes, you have heard of this far too often and seen it everywhere on the internet. But here in Spice Up, you are joining a team striving to achieve goals akin to yours. 

Here, week after week we share goals in terms of healthy habits and disciplined eating for the forthcoming days. We also keep aside a portion to analyse our previous few days and you could help us with yours in the comments section of the post. My wife and myself included, are moving in the same direction as you, trying to bring discipline in food and health into our everyday chaotic lives. 

Let me tell you that all goals are easier as a team and two doesn’t quite make a team. 

We realised that our health and lifestyle goals are more often than not, short-term. We both discuss and plan for hours to eat home-cooked healthy food, jog in the morning, cut out on the bakery section etc. But more often than not these last for just a week or two utmost. 
That’s when we hit upon the idea of bringing in more people who are lost in a similar chaotic everyday lifestyle as us. 

So, if you feel that you can be a part of this movement, Welcome aboard to Spice Up.